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I've been patiently waiting for the next big thing in Social Media. And I'm still waiting. Lol. Seriously though, I don't think Clubhouse is it. That's not to say it isn't useful or can't be a prominent part of any flushed out social media portfolio. I just don't believe it has the true staying power or functionality of other platforms that give my 95 year old Grandpa the ability to like my selfies (for real).

In case you're blissfully unaware, let me break Clubhouse down for you.

It's a somewhat new networking app. They launched in March 2020 and advertised themselves as, "a place to meet, talk and share ideas." Although, that concept is somewhat limited considering you can't share images, videos or even privately talk to other users.

The main idea is to join or create "rooms" based off specific categories and interests. Some examples of rooms include; "Money Goes Where Attention Flows" hosted by The Hustler Club or "Steps to Starting a Small Business" hosted by The Learn or Teach Club. You enter as an audience member and contribute by "raising your hand." The speaker or host then has to invite you to speak.

Like with any other networking app, it is only as good as its content. So far, the content I've found has been mediocre, but I have discovered a few hidden gems. Most notably, a room called "Clubhouse Bachelor" which is pretty much exactly how it sounds.

Basically, think of Clubhouse kind of like a live podcast, which is essentially the radio. So, we've pretty much gone full circle and re-invented the radio.

Also, you can't just download and join Clubhouse. It's invite only. Which, not going to lie totally worked on me *cut to me frantically posting in all my Facebook groups begging for an invite*. But please be warned, the initial entrance to Clubhouse is genuinely terrifying. For WHATEVER REASON, when you first join it automatically starts a room called "Welcome, [Your Name]" and prompts other people to join. These other people may include your old roommate, and her friend's Dad. That is not an example, it is a real life situation that happened to me and I'm still not okay.

We also really need to talk about the notifications. omg the notifications. I understand they're trying to get my attention but 100 (mostly useless) notifications on the daily is not the way to my app loving heart. If I never see the name Felicia Horowitz again, I'm good.

All that being said, I'm clearly not a die-hard Clubhouse fan. But like any good millennial who is anxiety ridden with the pressure to keep up with Gen Z and their #trendingtopics, I will keep the app tucked away unseen in my downloaded items. For now.

Also, I have 10 invites - who wants 'em?

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